American-Nepali Students' and Women's Educational Relief was founded in 2001 after obtaining excellent results with our own little "street girl", Uma, whom we placed in a private school in Kathmandu. After 3 years, she had become fluent in English, had made up for being placed back two years initially, and was obtaining top marks. From wanting to simply learn to read and count, she began to feel she wanted to be a doctor. Uma graduated with honors in nursing and is working in a hospital in Katmandu. Eleven years after founding and many refinements, we have over 600 children in 120 schools and colleges all over Nepal. We are 117 for 117 in sending our high school students to college. Half of the college graduates have careers in Nepal, the other half are still pursuing their studies at the Universities. Read More

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ANSWER is a 501c(3) tax-deductible, non-profit charity.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 @ 07:10 PM
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Pay It Forward Inspires Answer Alums

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 @ 10:10 AM
posted by: BonnieC

Once ANSWER students graduate from high school (Grade 10) they become members of AAA (ANSWER Alumni Association) and are shown the movie Pay it Forward.  In the movie, a 7th Grader named Trevor is given a school assignment to change the world.  Trevor’s idea is to help three needy people in a significant way and in so doing, each of them must then “pay it forward” by helping three more people in need.  This is now ANSWER’s model of sustainability. Each ANSWER alumni, once established in a career, must “pay it forward” by helping three more ANSWER students.

To date we have about 200 AAA members, 34 of which have successfully started careers. Of these 34, five are now able to financially support ANSWER children of their own.  These numbers will begin to increase arithmetically:

in 2015, 300 AAA members including 20 AAA sponsors;

in 2016, 400 and 40 respectively;

in 2020, 800 and 300;

in 2024, 1200 and 600.


Will it Work?  The idea is extremely infectious for those who attend the monthly AAA meetings.  They are excited to inherit and take over all aspects of running and supporting the organization on their own.  The goal is for AAA members to sustain all ANSWER students and the administration of ANSWER within a decade!


What’s fueling the momentum?  AAA members attend monthly meetings in Kathmandu (about 2/3 of ANSWER Alumni are in Kathmandu working or attending college) to hear and question noted personalities: NGO directors, columnists, movie directors, politicians, and other experts in their fields. Problems and issues like Caste Discrimination, Widows’ and Women’s Rights, Career Prospects in the Health Field, Reconciliation of Civil War Victims are addressed. Nowhere else in Nepal do young people have this type of opportunity, and our kids know it; and they respond appreciatively.  What’s more, they are beginning to form clubs and interest groups as well as committees within AAA to generate solidarity and purpose: Inter-school Quiz contests, hikes and outings, dances and picnics, film and book clubs, contemporary life club, social projects, etc… With the support of ANSWER sponsor, Jim Reay in Phoenix, an ad hoc T-shirt committee has designed and manufactured AAA polo shirts which enhances their solidarity and identity, as well as generates income for AAA activities.

 Movie Trailer

If you haven’t seen the movie, you might enjoy seeing how Hollywood has created a movement far beyond the silver screen with Pay It Forward.