Sponsor Letters Due

Student-Sponsor relationships are built through correspondence.

Answer students are called together at each school to receive letters, review each student’s progress and receive encouragement from Answer. Imagine how devastating it would be if you were the only student not to receive a letter!  They have about 20 mins to read and 60 minutes to write a response.

Sometimes recounting our experiences here in the Western world sounds very strange and completely foreign to ANSWER students.  Our worlds are very different.  Remember, despite the terrain, Nepal is landlocked and subtropical….they rarely, if ever, see snow or boats and ships. Here are a few suggestions to make your letter interesting to them:

Relate a story about yourself – perhaps about when you were their age.  Much of their culture is passed down through storytelling.  They LOVE to read stories.  Some important themes emphasized through ANSWER are:
Helping others
Taking responsibility
Studying hard to be successful
Stress the importance of attendance and being an EXCELLENT student
Ask questions about their school, friends and family.

DON’T send gifts or money as this creates inequality among the students. Your sponsorship is the greatest gift of all and these children know and appreciate it!
DON’T encourage them to come to the U.S.A. ANSWER’S mission is to encourage students to get a good education, STAY in Nepal, become leaders in Nepal,  and pay it forward by helping other disadvantaged students.
DON’T emphasize Western materialism. ANSWER students have very humble homes, many with dirt floors and no plumbing.

Please help Earle and Lisa at ANSWER by sending your letter on time!  There is quite a bit of accounting to do for each student and they need the time to focus on business and not on calling late sponsors.  THANK YOU!