Info Update for Sponsors


Lisa Durham is ANSWER’s first Administrative Assistant.  She has been a strong supporter of ANSWER for 8 years.  Lisa understands, from a sponsor’s point of view, the need for communication and accountability.  She is working with Earle Canfield to process your letters and donations, and will send you invoices and tax receipts.  You will also receive e-mail reminders when letters and payments are due and when to expect letters from the children you sponsor.  Lisa’s pay is currently being funded through a special grant and with outside donations.  As always, 100% of your donation still goes to Nepal to pay for your sponsored child’s education, including tuition, fees, books, book bag, school uniforms and shoes.


1.     Earle will be taking your letters with him to Nepal in April to hand deliver to your sponsored child.  If you have not yet sent in your letter or payment please do so before April 5.

2.     Earle will have the children write back to you and bring those letters with him upon his return to the U.S in mid-June.  You will receive your child’s letter back in early July.

3.     Your next letter will be due August 1.

4.     The opportunity to travel to Nepal and visit your sponsored child with Earle is open to you every spring (April), so now is the time to plan for next year.  The cost for two weeks in Nepal, including tours and round trip airfare, is about $2500.  Just let us know if you’re interested.


Even when Earle is not in Nepal, he is visiting congregations all over the U.S., so rather than continuing to use his home address we now have a P.O. Box in order to expedite correspondence and payments.

P.O. Box 68401
Grand Rapids, MI 49516

Earle Canfield – – This is a new e-mail address.  Please update your address books.

Lisa Durham –


A special thank you to everyone who returned their sponsor surveys!  We are working to address your suggestions for improvement.  And, thanks to all of you for your support of ANSWER and for bringing the gift of education to the child(ren) in Nepal that you sponsor!