Newsletter – September 2010

Hello ANSWER Sponsors and Supporters,

THANK YOU to everyone who wrote letters to your sponsored children.  It means so much to them to receive a letter from you twice each year!  You will receive your next reply letter from your child(ren) in December.  You will also receive an invoice requesting payment for the 2011-12 school year, which will be due in February.




A total of 28 ANSWER students took the very difficult SLC (Student Leaving Certificate) exam this past spring.  On average, only 60% of students who take this exam pass, but all 28 ANSWER students passed the exam with flying colors and are going onto college!  There are now 5 of these students in college studying science, 8 studying management, 1 in fine art education, and the others are preparing to take nursing exams or enter other programs in health and medicine.  This success is a true testament to the very diligent work of Som Raj and Bal Krishna, ANSWER’s co-directors in Nepal.  They have worked with every student to encourage them in their studies and help direct their career paths.



In Nepal many ANSWER sponsored children do not know the time and date of their birth.  The children are from low caste, poor families in villages that do not have modern conveniences.  A child’s birth may be described as “the moon was just east of the middle of the sky.”  Only a very few wealthy Nepalese have assimilated the western tradition of celebrating their birthday.  Som, ANSWER’s co-director in Nepal, says he has never celebrated his birthday and most Nepalese people would think it was funny to do so.



For those of you who live in SW Michigan please mark your calendars for ANSWER’s Annual Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction on Sunday, November 21.  It will be held at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids.  More details will be given as they become available.



ANSWER’s Board of Directors is planning a Silent Auction at the Annual Benefit Dinner on November 21.  If you are able to donate an item or service please contact our Board President, Paula Doyle at or (616) 901-8375.




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