Sponsor Trip

Students relax after a long day.

Oct 28 Fri: Arrival

Oct 29 Sat: AAA Meeting and Visit to ANSWER Office

Oct 30 Sun: First Day of Tihar and Working on Site

Nov 3 Thu: Last Day of Tihar

Nov 4 Sat: Last Day Working with Students

Nov 6 Sun: Chaat Festival, AAA Folk dancing

Nov 7 Mon: Travel to Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan

Nov 13 Sun: Last Day Together

Tihar, The Festival of Lights, is like Christmas in the States.

Again this year, we would like to synchronize our Sponsor Visits with TIHAR, The Festival of Lights Festival (aka Diwali), which is much like our Christmas Holiday. Because Festivals are set according to the Lunar Calendar (like our Easter) and varies from year to year, the first day of Tihar falls late in the month of October this year. The consequences of a later than usual start are good weather (dry and not so hot) and the students will already have dug out the foundation!).

Your Student: Visit with your student is of course a priority, and we will either take you by his/her village, or if remotely located, bring them to you (additional cost).

Cost: $2000 to $2500, including RT airfare

Round Trip Airfares: range from $1200 (LAX to KTM) to $1600 (Chicago to KTM).

Mt Everest Flight: ($160-$180 RT, optional)

Chitwan: airfare 1 way ($100, optional)

Wild Life Safari at Chitwan, 3 day, 2 night: $200

Other Transportation: Inland Travel ($100-$200),

Lodging: from $20-$40 per night in Hotels (we may be sleeping in homes or schools while building)

Food: $5 pp/meal

House Construction: Building Homes for our student families who lost homes during the earthquake has become the focus of our trips and is very demanding. There are always “low impact” jobs (such as painting, washing bricks, passing water, sewing, painting, etc), but we ask everyone to work at a safe pace for you. However, you will discover that as we share in the “Pay It Forward” enthusiasm of our Students, working hard is infectious, so take care! You must be fit enough to walk a couple of miles to building sites and up and down slopes. Considering that a year ago, our students didn’t know how to hold a paint brush, it is absolutely amazing to watch them lay a foundation, build and plaster brick walls, and paint a house (click on link:


What if I don’t want to do construction?: In this case, you can sightsee/shop around KTM on your own or with student, or you can make yourself useful in our office working with staff or students. Also, we can arrange treks, hikes, river rafting, etc. If you want to do this before or after your tour in Nepal that too can be arranged. 

Interested? For more information: Please call/email Earle 616-516-0955, jecan314@gmail.com.

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