Newsletter for July 2011

Hello ANSWER Sponsors and Friends:

VERY EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE! At the end of their 10th grade year, all students take a graduation exam called the School Leaving Certificate (SLC).  The SLC is a very difficult college entrance exam.  About half of all total students who took the exam this year failed.  However, ANSWER students continue to excel:  We just received the scores of our 44 students and they all passed with record results!  We had 21 students pass with Distinction (A+), 20 in First Division (A, B), and 3 in Second Division (C). To score with Distinction is an amazing achievement and 9 of our students scored above 85%!  These scores are literally one in a thousand and may qualify them for extra scholarships.  To date 116 ANSWER students have taken the SLC exam and all have passed and gone on to college.

One of ANSWER’s college graduates has just been awarded a one year Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarship (NESA UGRAD) to study in the USA and will return to Nepal to apply the skills he learns. This is our second college graduate to have received a major International Award!

These results are clear evidence your support is truly making a difference!

LETTERS FROM STUDENTS: Those of you who are sponsors will soon receive a letter from your student(s).  We just received the letters from Nepal and will have them to you by mid-July.  If you have any questions understanding your student’s report card please contact Earle.  Invoices will be included with the letters for any sponsors who have not yet paid for the 2011-12 tuition of younger students and for sponsors of college students.  For those of you sponsoring a student in 10th grade (who will be attending college this coming fall) we will contact you once we know which college and the costs.  This should occur in August or September.  If you have any questions about your invoice or payment due please contact Lisa. Your next letter to your sponsored student (and payment if indicated) is due by August 1


DID YOU KNOW? Letters to all 550 ANSWER sponsored children are hand delivered to over 100 different schools located throughout Nepal.  The roads are slow and travel is difficult, and some schools can only be reached on foot.   The process for delivering the letters takes weeks, but provides an excellent opportunity for Earle and the Nepali staff to visit the schools, take current photos, collect report cards and letters written to you, meet with teachers and principals, and most importantly connect with the students themselves.  Each student looks forward to these visits and getting a letter from you.  It is difficult for everyone involved when there is not a letter to deliver.  If you are a sponsor please make every effort to write a letter, include a recent photo and mail it in time to arrive at the PO Box in Grand Rapids by August 1, 2011!


Thank you again for all your support!


Earle, Volunteer Executive Director:

Lisa, Administrative Assistant:



P.O. Box 68401, Grand Rapids, MI 49516