Last Chance to Build a House with AAA

Come to Nepal April 13-30

What’s on your bucket list? Don’t want to step out of your comfort zone? My father, who often came with Mary Jane and me on our travels, was fond of saying: “Lead me and Feed me, and I will follow you anywhere!” He came to Nepal twice – both times in his eighties! So, read the following articles and think again!

ANSWER makes it very easy to get around as we make all the arrangements including hotels, tours, transportation, etc. Earle is a retired Physician Assistant trained in tropical diseases and has a network of top hospitals and specialists readily at hand. Our staff and students are fluent in English will be at your beckon command. Your student can serve as your personal translator and tour guide when you meet.

We will want you to arrive by Friday April 13, New Year’s Eve by the Nepali Calendar. We will be staying in a quaint Tibetan Hotel where we can drink Tibetan Tongba (millet wine) and celebrate your arrival and the New Year. The 3 day following New Year’s, we will be painting Surakshya’s house with our students. Her family received funds to rebuild her home from the gov’t. We are helping with the last bit needed: plastering and painting the home. This may be the end of our earthquake funds, so please come if you can.

I am trying to negotiate a deal for a couple of nights in an amazing hotel near our office, little known to outsiders. It was the residence of one of Nepal’s foremost Prime Minister a century ago, so it will be like sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom. Other highlights will be visiting schools, reading and writing letters with the students, and attending a AAA meetings in KTM and Pokhara as we are now expanding AAA all over the country. The tour will include schools up and down the beautiful Kali Gandaki River Gorge, where for the past millennium traders from Tibet traveled down to Nepal to barter their salt for Indian gems and Nepali goods.

It is easy. Just contact Earle right away that you are interested and he will explain details.

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