2nd Anniversary of Devastating Earthquake in Nepal

What ANSWER has accomplished with your donations:

Despite the 6-month border blockade by India, subsequent shortages of fuel and building materials, delays due to Nepal establishing federal building codes for homes, racial unrest on the southern border further disrupting transportation of goods (even now), and the slow Nepali government response in dispersing compensation to victims, we have made an impact with your generous donations!

ANSWER was one of the first NGOs to begin building homes and we continued even during the monsoon seasons.  We have completed construction of five new 2 and 3 bedroom high quality, earthquake resistant homes and repairs to two additional homes.  This has been accomplished primarily by ANSWER college and university students volunteering their time.  Although our labor costs have been simply feeding and transporting students to work sites, the purchase of building materials skyrocketed due to the issues noted above and we therefore had to adjust down our initial goal of building 15-20 new homes with the $110,000 donated.

With the remaining money in the Earthquake Relief Fund we will soon begin construction on two more homes in Lubhu, 45 minutes south of Kathmandu.  And, once again, we will have sponsors join our students in this effort!

But the need is still there. The students no worse for wear. How best to show them we care? Join us!

Can We Do More?

At this rate we estimate we will have exhausted our funds by the end of the year! Looking ahead, the ANSWER Board of Directors is hoping to muster enough funds to erect one or two more houses next spring so more ANSWER students can move from a shack to a home in which to study.  If 600 sponsors each gave $20 we can ensure that will happen. Or, 20 sponsors giving $600 will too!  

If you can support this final building effort please mail a check to: ANSWER, PO Box 68401, Grand Rapids, MI 49516, noting it is for the Earthquake Relief fund, or click here to send a donation via debit or credit card.

This is not just about the houses and the effect a sturdy home has on a family, but also the impact all this has had on our students building theses homes. Ten families helped with their new homes, but hundreds of students have come together and worked as a team in the service of others.  They no more thought they could build a house than to fly to the moon! They will forever carry with them what they have learned here.  AND it is YOU that have allowed them to achieve this feat!

ANSWER is eternally grateful to all of you. Your generosity has gone far beyond what any of us expected.  All of us, students, staff, board members, thank all of you.

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