Key People

James Earle Canfield – Executive Director
Earle is a retired PA and lives in Michigan. He manages the oversight for the organization, does tons of fund-raising to help pay for the administrative costs, and helps find sponsors for the children.



Bal Khatry – In-Country Director
Bal has worked his way up to being the In-Country Director. He helps the children write letters to the sponsors and does detailed accounting on the children.




Jailina Mulmi Co-Director
Jailina worked parttime with ANSWER forging the highly successful Social Welfare Club for High Schoolers.Now serving as Co-director, she is extending it beyond the Kathmandu Valley, incorporating stellar students from public schools, and counsels the children. She and Bal perfectly complement each other. Read more in Newsletter #3.

Uma Thapa – Volunteer and the very first ANSWER student and nursing graduate
Uma is a volunteer and is on ANSWER’s board in Nepal



Lisa Durham – Admin Assistant

Anita Elder – Webmaster
Anita designed and maintains the ANSWER website as well as designing some of the printed materials. She also sponsors a child in Nepal.



Kalyan Silwal
President of our sister-organization in Katmandu, ANSWER-Nepal. Kalyan was our first college graduate, a business major, who later went to Dubai as an accountant, and returned to set up his own travel agency. He also advises the AAA (ANSWER’s Alumni Association). Read more in Newsletter #3.

Dave & Bonnie Cunningham
After their 2011 Answer trip to Nepal, Dave and Bonnie Cunningham volunteered to edit and distribute an Answer Newsletter.  Residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Dave offers his business/marketing skills and Bonnie uses her graphic design experience to compile the newsletter. If you have a story suggestion, please contact us! and