How It Works

ANSWER students are sponsored at cost by Western families and individual – usually around $300 per year, which covers tuition, fees, books and supplies, uniforms, shoes, book bags, etc…everything a student needs. The student’s family is required to spend something they can afford on the child, too…like a second pair of shoes, so that they, too, are invested in the program.

We enroll them in private English-medium schools because they need English for a decent career. We are 117 for 117 in sending our high school students on to college and 17/20 in graduating our students into good careers. In 2012, we will graduate 75 more students from high school. Last year on the national exam (SLC), half of our 44 high school graduates scored “Distinction (A+)” the rest with As and Bs (3 had high Cs). One student graduating from college last year won a full ride “mini-Fullbright” scholarship (UGRAD-NESA) Environmental Science in the US .  Manisha graduated first in her class in med technology at the best private medical school in Nepal, and after working for 8 months has gone on to be one of only 20 Students accepted into the Baccalaureate Program at the National University in Dharan.

Most of our college students are in business, nursing, and health sciences where jobs are much more plentiful. We give our students career counseling, guiding them away from careers that have little employment value or lead into the brain drain. Our graduates and students are on our board and we will soon be hiring them to take over the administration and selecting the next generation of students from the disadvantaged. We have instituted a Social Welfare Club on Saturdays that make our children aware of the need to address community needs rather than just building dynasties of wealth centered on just family needs. Upon graduation from High School most join AAA (ANSWER Alum Assn) and become active in helping the disadvantaged and assisting ANSWER.

ANSWER pays for its own administration through separate donations and fundraisers. Our overhead for 5 FTEs, an office, equipment and other overhead in Nepal is  $13,000-$15,000 out of a budget of $200,000 plus.