Contributions Save Lives

by Rose Reis-Jackson
Like a drop of water in a pond, the ripples of your contributions change lives of our students and their families.

My family started our involvement with ANSWER by sponsoring 2 students in 2011 after Earle came to Houston’s BAUUC (Bay Area UU Church), as part of a partnership that Jeff Boxell began when his 5th grade RE class sponsored a student. That day, Earle’s sermon inspired me to help be the change I wanted to see in the world – on a global level. Little did I know how powerful the connection would be with our students via the twice yearly exchange of hand-written letters.

In Summer of 2013, myself, a co-teacher, and some talented volunteers taught about the country of Nepal for our 3 day Multicultural Week mid-summer. We built Mt. Everest in the corner of the room, Kathmandu from shoe boxes up along the wall, Hindu temples, made Buddhist prayer flags, and a local Nepali restaurant owner, Sanjog Sharma, brought traditional costumes for dress up and performed a traditional courtship dance for our final assembly. Our RE students shared their letters and photographs of their ANSWER students with one another. This spring, my family has just chosen another student as another is graduating. What an opportunity to sponsor another girl, my daughter’s age, who she can pen pal with, connect to over the years, and hopefully visit someday in Nepal. I continue to be amazed at the impact of a few hundred dollars on one student, one family, one area, one country.

Like a drop of water in a big pond, the ripple of your time, connection and contribution changes the world for our most vulnerable citizens –  children. So here’s an idea. What if ANSWER Nepal could provide an opportunity for sponsors to get more involved? So look for a brief 20-ish question survey in your email sometime in April to help Earle, Lisa and Bonnie learn what is important to you as sponsors, if you would like to become more involved, perhaps sharing letters and photos within your local UU churches or in a regional group. Also, Bonnie would love to know what you want to read about in the newsletter. Do you get the newsletter? Is it hiding your spam folder? Make sure (email addresses) are whitelisted and going into your Inbox and stay tuned!

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