9 Sponsors Visiting Nepal

Sponsors are visiting Nepal to celebrate Tihar and meet their students.

9 Sponsors from Denver & Durango, Houston, and Grand Rapids converge in Kathmandu on September 28. Their arrival precedes the beginning of Tihar, the Festival of Lights (Diwali) and while resetting their biorhythms, they will participate in events in and around Kathmandu including singing and dancing and shopping with AAA members (our college students).


Thereafter, most will be painting and putting the finishing touches on our 5th house which was begun by our previous sponsors last spring. The younger set will be going into the outback to camp with our AAA students and begin excavating house #6. The excavation will be easy compared to living as an earthquake survivor, sleeping in makeshift tents!

Our next and maybe final time for sponsor to participate in home construction with our students will be in April 2017. Be sure to circle your calendar.

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