Living and Woking Together as Equals

by Tom Tosa, ANSWER Sponsor
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Kathy and I again thank you, Earle, for showing and revealing to us the Nepal we never knew and could not have expected by just reading “Lonely Planet.”


Dealing with the younger folk of “Answer” I found myself seeing and experiencing something I would have never expected before in a third world country: young people of different classes working and enjoying each other’s company – side by side – all together as “ONE”. No display of one person or group displaying superiority over another, but equals working and living together as “one.” It was very enlightening. For Kathy and I saw something – was around something – I thought was hard to grasp as really happening. I felt privileged to see and experience it.



These young people are part of the future of Nepal: educated and living as equals. This is a strong start of a young group of citizens moving in a new direction -citizens of a country that needs transformation to lead them to a better tomorrow.

ANSWER Nepal construction team
ANSWER Nepal construction team

It would be very interesting to meet up with some of these young people in a few years to see their progress. Maybe Kathy and I will be able to witness such in the near/distant future.

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