As demolition of Chanda’s home was ongoing, a contingent of 6 nurses, pharmacists and lab techs from AAA and 5 doctors from Bir Hospital and Kathmandu Medical College held a Medical Relief Clinic in Newarpani. This day long clinic was no doubt conceived and organized by our student Ram Kaji who is from this remote village. Newarpani is an hour’s drive east of KTM, and it seems that they now have a rudimentary road up the hill to the village now. The village was badly hit by the First Quake and since they have to walk downhill an hour or more to catch a bus, they are quite isolated.

While doctors examined the villagers, our students took vital signs and dispensed donated medicines. Altogether they saw 300 patients. Our thanks and appreciation goes out to Ram Kaji, Prabitra, Neha, Dila, Manita, and Ruksana.

ENCORE 1 (Continued): AAA Builds a Shelter for Chanda

As reported in the previous blog, and while some of their workers were up in Newarpani seeing patients, a dozen AAA students spent two days demolishing Chanda’s little brick house (photos with last blog). Dirty, dusty and tired, they took last Saturday off and returned to begin construction on Sunday–laying out and digging post holes and embedding the critical posts deep into the ground. Again, some of these students are working even though they have Board Exams at the end of the week. I don’t know whether this reflects over-dedication, sophomoric over-confidence, or simply procrastination. And then, to add insult to injury, as construction continued on Monday, our students took time to celebrate Deepa Sinkhwal’s Birthday, a Lab Tech student at the National University (TU). Oh well, All work and No play makes for a dull kid and a dull workday. Happy Birthday, Deepa! Happy Home Warming, Chanda!

Today, Thursday I learned from Bal, that he, Sanoj and a villager are finishing up today on Chanda’s abode to allow the rest of the crew to have a couple of days for study before their big exams this weekend. We wish them the best and thank them all for their efforts. They have learned that there is satisfaction to be had beyond simply getting back exam results.

Tomorrow, Bal and I will have a long discussion about what lies ahead: earthbag training session and if we can build a prototype before the monsoon rains, Trans-Nepal letter deliveries and damage surveillance and documentation, the next AAA meeting, the SLC exam results and career counseling for our high school graduates, and what about our Fall trip for sponsors to come to Nepal and visit their children? Hopefully, the next Blog will have some ANSWERs.

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