Earle Canfield Nominated for Humanitarian of the Year!

Namaste. With Spring comes beautiful weather in Nepal.  The clouds part and the majestic Himalayas loom so high and majestic they humble our human existance and inspire us to greatness.

Great news for ANSWER!!  Our own Earle Canfield, passionate founder and Volunteer Exececutive Director,  has been nominated for Humanitarian of the Year by the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) !!!  Stay tuned!!! Of course Earle is unconcerned about personal aggrandizement, but excited about the possiblility of what it might mean for ANSWER!

Earle is now back in Nepal traveling with staff to check on students, interview new students, deliver  and collect letters for sponsors and visit with principals and parents. Some visits even require trekking to remote villages as they are not accessible by roads!  A small group of ANSWER sponsors are leaving in May to join Earle for 2 weeks.  We are also going back to Nepal, taking our daughter who is a sophomore at Arizona State University and our son who is teaching English in Japan. It is so exciting to share this incredible experience with them and hope that someday you can make that journey too!!

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